“We really do throw ourselves wholeheartedly into every wedding.”
David and Cathy don’t miss much. They pride themselves on
capturing the big moments and the small details. Down-to-earth,
friendly and with years of experience, they’re just as happy helping
to pin flowers on the bridal party, as they are transforming wedding
memories into timeless masterpieces. “It’s such a privilege to
witness all the intimate moments of a wedding; we see more of the
day than some family members! It’s our aim to tell a story with
stunning images, which we hope will be shared with many
generations to come.”

The pair work hard to help couples stay true to their personalities.
“We like to build a rapport with every bride and groom to help them
feel at ease, and to make sure every shot we get feels natural. We
like to capture those glimpses of a wedding that others might miss.”

David and Cathy pride themselves on their ability to maintain a
unique approach. As a result, they limit how many weddings they
work on each year.

“Each story is different, so of course we can’t simply repeat the
same thing for every couple! We are here to listen to your ideas and
help with advice on how you can have the day you want and end up
with great pictures too.”

Sievers Weddings is a partnership of Adelaide AIPP Master
Photographer David Sievers and assistant photographer and graphic
designer Cathy Schultz. With over 16 years of experience and
multiple awards you can be assured of beautiful photography and
album design.